Logistics Solutions since 1991

Greystones Maritime International, Inc. is a full service logistics management company based in Dulles, Virginia.  We pride ourselves on a personal involvement in each and every movement by having good communication channels between the shipper and the final receiver, by being accountable to the shippers for the movement and by providing accurate reporting with pinpoint information when tracking the commodities in transit.

The service provided includes investigating the movement thoroughly to establish the most cost effective routing that would suit the shipment, maintaining quality standards to ensure that damage and claims are avoided. We can offer our services in part, or perform the whole operation on behalf of the shipper/receiver and manage it accordingly.

For existing clients, we manage commodities being both imports and exports to/from the US in bulk, break-bulk and containerized. The organization of ocean freight, stevedoring, barging, warehousing and terminals, trucking, rail and inventory management are all functions that we are very comfortable with and perform regularly.

GMI offers consolidated billing for the entire operation to its clients and then disburses to the various contracted companies on checked and correct invoices. This assists in reducing the administration costs associated with international trade.